Corporate Workshops

Planning a special event for your office? Choosing to do art can make your next office networking event to be the most inspiring, fun and rejuvenating experience. Consider our workshops an art inspired professional development session.

On a general level, art has the benefit of helping us stay in touch with our humanity and awakening our inherent creative problem-solving abilities. Art activities that involve using the hands and applying the imagination can be an exercise in how to relax the mind even while problem-solving. Arts-based social events can also inspire transformative insights about how to productively collaborate with others on projects.  Making art with others encourages team bonding, fosters interactions and inspires discourse that inspires ideas. Its opens avenues for collaboration, it is therapeutic and helps destress the mind. Art trains the eyes to look beyond the obvious and see possibilities


      • A beautiful art-based aspect of Professional and Leadership Development
      • Outlet to relieve stress
      • Mental and intellectual balance
      • Team building
      • Destress
      • Creative expression outlet
      • Inspire creativity
      • Improve teamwork and collaboration
      • Think Tank
      • Corporate retreat
      • Product development
      • Can be an unconventional design research lab
      • Relaxes the everyday work muscles and the nerves
      • Unique work leisure activity
      • Builds outside work connections
      • Improves moods
      • Can function as Client appreciation event
      • Encourages socializing with colleagues
      • Increases performance

    Most of all, FUN

Sessions run between 2 to 3-hours. The event can be conducted at your office location, in the cafeteria, or outdoor location of your choice. All materials art materials are provided by artist host. You provide the refreshment and venue.

Workshop Price:

Workshops ranges from $400 for between 6 persons to a dozen participants, depending distance to be traveled to location and the choosen workshop.

For more information about Art Workshops contact: Happiness Akaniro 973-896-5711

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