Paint Happiness and Bubalapa Couture are subsidiaries of Happiness International LLC, a custom art events and promotional resources producer based in New Jersey. Happiness International is the professional business umbrella under which most works by New Jersey based Nigerian born artist Happiness Akaniro are marketed. Most of Happiness’s art are inspired by her Nigerian – American background.
Some of her popular products includes Paint Happiness Coloring Canvases, Sip and Paint with Happiness DIY books, Women in African Print Adult Coloring Books, and apparels under the Bubalapa Couture Brand. You can find these products on Amazon also at Etsy market place under the bubalapa shop section


My story isn’t that no one supported me because they thought there were more lucrative careers and things I could be doing with my time than art, my story is that everyone around me except me thought I had a future in art. My gratitude goes to all who believed in me. Because of you, I am doing what I was meant to do, because of you, I am fulfilling my purpose. This is one of the main reason I value a good support system and always glad to mentor others when the opportunity arises.

Then, you’ll ask “What did you really want to be?” The truth? I just wanted to play. I was a fun-loving kid that just wanted to play and be happy. If you think you’re laughing at this fact, wait till you see me cracking up every time I remember my life ambition. Oh well, believe it or not, kids just wanna be kids. Thankfully I pursued my love for creating and sort formal training in the arts for both my first degree and masters. I am adept at both the traditional and digital arts. My curiosity leads me to work with any available media, hence you never know what is going on in my studio at any given time. I am one happy experimental artist. Doing art continues to be rewarding. Interestingly, it is almost the only thing I do now and I love every moment of it. I believe one should pursue their interest even if just as a pastime. The benefits are immense.

I believe that every dream needs work to live, and living through your works takes consistency and dedication. When you work hard at something you love, you are bound to succeed. Success brings fulfillment. Though success is relative and what one person considers success might be different from other people’s evaluation of success, but whatever success means to you, strive to ensure it fulfills the yearning of your heart. Even when I didn’t consider what I was doing special, knowing the yearning of my heart was to create, I created with passion and I poured my heart into every single thing I found to do. Over time, I found a way to apply my skills to whatever other work I am given to do – design related or not – be it art or a mundane task, thereby, indirectly creating and finding happiness in my daily life and livelihood. It takes work and putting everything in perspective – knowing you got to do what you got to do, but what you got to do shouldn’t steal your happiness.

In the real world, your passion may not be sufficient to provide you with the lifestyle you want, but the inherent skills that you could develop from juggling and balancing passion and work that must be done are skills that will help you through life and elevate you above your peers. So, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. One such skill is called DISCIPLINE. I believe discipline is what is keeping me in the game and I’m enjoying the journey.

This journey began at a very young age while in school in Africa. My early schooling was in Lagos, Nigeria. Today, as life happens, I remain an artist. I am now based in New Jersey, U.S.A where I earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from William Paterson University and making every minute of my life count while creating Happiness every day. My name is Happiness Akaniro. I didn’t always think doing art was cool. I guess because it came naturally to me as a kid and even though everyone else wasn’t doing it, even though they told me how impressed they were with my drawing skills, I just wondered what the big deal was. Yep, I was one of those ‘few” kids that were induced into getting into the arts. Today, I am glad I took the advice.

Happiness is an artist and Happiness is a brand.

Happiness is an artist, Happiness is a brand…